Friday, January 16, 2015

D' River Guest House Cihampelas, Bandung

Weekend kemarin (g tahu kapan) gue pergi ke salah satu tempat favorit gue—Bandung dan stay di D’ River Guest House. Penginapan ini letaknya sangat strategis, secara ada di jalan utama jalan Cihampelas. Lo kalau mau ke CiWalk tinggal jalan kaki aja juga bisa banget. Hahhaa..

Penginapan ini ada tiga lantai ke bawah. Kenapa namanya D’ River karena sebelahnya emang ada kali, walaupun warna airnya g terlalu jernih ketika musim hujan tapi kali tersebut bersih banget! Alirannya deras dan suaranya terasa sampai ke kamar. It definitely gives a special effect for our sense of hearing. It calms me somehow.

Penginapan tersebut dibuat memang buat backpacker, especially for single backpacker. Kenapa? Karena mereka cuma punya single bedroom for all type of rooms, Standard and Deluxe. Yang ngebedain tipe kamar itu cuma ada tidaknya Air Con so harga ngaruh. Untuk Standard dimulai dari harga Rp 199.000,-/night dan Deluxe dibuka dengan harga Rp 229.000,-/night. Untuk tambah kasur juga bisa kok, nambah 100k/night. Ini link websitenya:  dan ini link twitternya:

Misal lo awalnya pesan untuk kamar Standard tapi lo g ngerasa cukup kalau belum ada Air Con, boleh kok naik tingkat ke Deluxe, tinggal nambah 30k aja. Untuk pembayaran mereka pake system deposit jadi, kalau memang mau booking, lo diharuskan untuk bayar deposit sebesar 100k.

Guest house ini makin berasa backpackernya ketika lo masuk ke kamar mandi mereka. Karena mereka udah sediain sabun cair dan shampoo jadi lo g perlu bawa 2 perlengkapan itu yey! By the way, kamar mandi mereka pisah di luar kamar, setiap lantai ada kamar mandinya, ada WC jongkok or WC duduk, ada heat controller di setiap kamar mandinya, mau dingin or anget or panas, you name it!

Untuk tingkat securitynya, mereka pake kartu sebagai pengganti kunci untuk masuk ke kamar masing-masing. Kartu itu juga sebagai akses listrik di kamar lo. Setiap hari karyawan mereka juga bersih bersih, jadi kalau soal kebersihan sih juara banget. Yang gue g senengnya kalau emg ada salah satu backpacker yang jorok ninggalin kamar mandi atau wastafel lupa dibersiin. Duh suka lupa kalau mereka tuh g tinggal sendirian -____-

Mereka juga sediain wifi loh! wifi nya cepet banget, lumayan buat browsing2 tempat di Bandung hahaha.. Untuk colokan, di kamar juga colokannya gampang di akses kok, g ngumpet2 :)

Semoga review gue ini ngebantu ya.
See you!

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Father is Going to be a Great Grandfather.

My family's mood is lightened these couple weeks because we have this cute little guest in our home. She is called Dinda and is one of my cousin from my aunty. Her existence is changing our mood obviously, especially my father's. Yes, his mood is extremely turning to good because now he has a new 'toy' (according to what he said to my aunt couple days ago)

There is some habits that have changed since Dinda was here with us.
1. My Father ACCOMPANY my Mom buying Dinda's breakfast at Pasar (Indonesian traditional market). Just to let you know, he never have done this before in his entire life. Jegeeeeer! Pecah telor, this is the first time for him! I am surprised!

2. He talks and asks Dinda all the time although he knows Dinda can't answer those questions. For example, "Dinda, mau minum susu ga?", "Iya, papa solat dulu ya, mau solat dulu.", "Dinda mau apa? hemm? mau apa?"

3. His overprotective shows obviously. Since Dinda was here with us, he has acted like he would lose Dinda for a long time. When weekdays is over, usually her Mom would like to have Dinda back to her house but my father keep telling my aunt's son for not taking Dinda back to hers. At that time, I was thinking about how if he really have his own grandchild? I think, My future child will spend more time in his or her grandfather's house rather in ours. Hahaha..

4. I find that my father is one of the most gentle, loyal and full of tenderness man I've ever known. Last day, after he picked me up from tutoring, he said he'd like to buy pampers for Dinda and couple days ago he just bought a dozen of shirts and pants only for Dinda.

Those changes showed off maybe because he could never done those before to his three children (us). I guess maybe he, long time ago, felt shy to do some skinship or any intimacy between father and child. So when Dinda came, finally he had guts to express his love to babies. I know it's kinda too late but better late than never :))

At least I know, my future child will have a great grand father!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014 Review - Challenge


Lare udah posting lanjutan enam bulannya dia, berarti gue harus ikutan setor lanjutan blogpost gue haha..

I have a BAD memory so pardon me for writing this review so short E hehehe..

January 2014
I still remember how eager I was to accomplish my new year's resolution. This year, the resolution more likely refers to money management. Alhamdulillah from range 1-10, I think I'm gonna give 7 to myself. ANDDDD SHERLOCK HOLMES S3 IS FINALLY COMINGG!!

February 2014
I wrote Flappy Birds on my note when I recalled what the best highlight for this month. Flappy Birds is a drug, addicted parah. Gue rasa ini juga sempet jadi game favorit di Indonesia deh. Gue inget banget temen-temen gue posting di Path score Flappy Birds. HAHAHA..

March 2014
There was some highlights that happened in this month. Pertama, dari Lare yang accomplished her marathon di Spore (glad to know it!). Kedua, I tried a new recipe and it was well-tasted! (Yum!) Ketiga, F came to town after 5 years of I-don't-know-what-to-say.

April - June 2014
Intinya, my love life was started again since April and I'm going to elaborate this topic concisely :) First, we enjoyed F's birthday together, we shared (and still) laugh and cry, (do you still remember this F? :p) then F got his first job and we also shared our first travelling. It was fun!!

July 2014
My friends and I made a so-called summer class during Summer. It was fun also, and I was so grateful I am part of this class, it helps me to know children's world even better :D

August 2014
First day of school 2014-2015! So many new things, dimulai dari partner yang baru, guru kelas yang baru dan murid-murid baru. Woohoo!

September 2014
One of my friends, Cimi, had a surgery. Honestly, it quite gave impact in my life, I was so sad for sure. Cimi is one of the greatest girl I've ever met and (still until now) I'm regretting the fact that we don't have not so many times to share together. in September, I was enrolled to join Assistant Teacher Development Program in my school as well.

October 2014
WAAAAAAH!! Ini dia, the moment of awakening (apasih). I had my second Odontectomy and I had my last three wisdom teeth pulled off! I need 2 weeks to recover and 3 weeks of neck wrecking. Arrghh hate it! Tapi seneng, akhirnya dicabut jugaaaaaaaaa..

November 2014
Key search for this month is swing. Semuanya swing.

2014, nothing change significantly, but even at times like these, we all have reasons to be thankful.
Mungkin karena resolusi gue lebih ke arah duit kali ya..

 Selesai juga. See you in the next post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Review - Challenge

Udah mau akhir tahun?
Ini November.

Tergelitik karena tawaran dari Ae ketika dia nelfon gue.
“Imaa.. Kita bikin review tahunan lagi yuk! Kayak tahun lalu.”
Nice idea, kita bakal bikin video lagi dan diposting d youtube. Yeay! Tapi ternyata..
“Iya, kayak tahun lalu lo bikin d blog lo, nanti kita main tag2an”
Oh astagaaa, bloooooooggg!!

Well, I took her challenge and here it is.

Overall, I think I kinda have not put everything 100% this year. I wish I could have done better but it’s okay then, like my teacher said, “No worries, people make mistake, it’s not the end of our life.”

I have learnt soooo many things in these 11 months of 2014. Dimulai dari,

1.     Do not trust anybody, believe in yourself is the best.
Pernah denger one of quote yang bilang, “Be careful who you open up to, few people care, the rest are just curious.”? It happened to me. Next time, JUST be MORE careful Ma.

2.     The mood control is you, not him, not her, not them.
I know this required a lot of exercise, karena sebagai manusia, kita punya otak yang selalu dibuat untuk berpikir dan berpikir sampai terkadang suka lupa, otak juga perlu istirahat. Butuh banyak latihan buat ngedistract otak dari pikiran-pikiran negative yang pada akhirnya cuma akan membuang waktu lo and you got nothing but tired. I’m still working on this.

3.     Be Grateful, this is always gonna be my ultimate life goal. Gue sangat sangat percaya kalau bersyukur akan selalu memberikan dampak positif ke kepala dan ke hati. I found it is so hard to be grateful all the time since we have one mouth buat komplen L
Ngomong-ngomong soal bersyukur, gue sangat suka sama pekerjaan gue sebagai Asisten guru di JIS dan di kelas 5 juga! KENAPA? Soalnya salah satu unit mereka ngebahas soal Poverty. Indonesia salah satu contoh yang mereka teliti. Banyak speakers, videos, photos, discussion yang tereksplor dan akhirnya berujung pada rasa syukur gue. Jadi suka malu kalau ngeluh dikit, Alhamdulillah. 

4.     Assistant Teacher Development Program
2014 is one of my great year karena Alhamdulillah gue dikasih kepercayaan untuk ikut program ini di sekolah gue. Jadi ada 12 asisten guru di JIS yang akan diasah lagi kemampuan mereka, at least they know how it feels to be teacher and how to be a paraprofessional. Di program ini gue punya 2 kelas, actual class where we meet every week and online class where we enrolled in online program called Coursera, Dari sini gue tahu rasanya gimana ada di kelas online. Phew!

5.     Do more reflection.
Gegara gue ikutan program ATDP, gue jadi sadar kalau reflection bener-bener penting. Bukan hanya sebagai guru, tapi sebagai humanbeing juga penting bgt. Kayaknya gue hrus bikin reflections sama rough planning gue setaun kedepan lagi deh.

6.     Lebih legowo sama rencana Allah.
2014 tahun yang selalu bikin gue cemas. Cemas ini cemas itu. Apapun dicemasin. Mungkin Allah juga capek kali ya bilangin ke gue tapi gue nya belum sadar-sadar juga. Pada akhirnya, dikirimkanlah sosok Mbae untuk ‘nampar’ gue soal ini, hahaha.. Yang gue dapet dari percakapan kita di KFC adalah bahwa Allah sudah merencanakan semuanya. Gue harus percaya bahwa rencana Allah yang BELUM keliatan akan JAUH lebih baik dari yang sekarang, so stop worrying! Stop galau-ing. Allah g hanya mengasihi gue, tapi Allah sayang sama gue! That's what she said, so nice to hear it :")

7.     Beli Al-Quran terjemahan.
OH MY GOD. THIS IS SO MY TO-DO-LIST. Berhubung gue bakal hatam di penghujung tahun, so kayaknya gue harus mesen cepet2 kitab ini buat dibaca tahun depan.

Bakal ada terusannya nih kayaknya posting, secara Ae masih  kurang 6 bulan buat diceritain hahaha. Semangat Aeee!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi World!

ga bisa banget gue basa basi

Sebenarnya posting ini terinspirasi dari perkataan Ae di whatsapp. Dese bilang:

Wow, it's been almost 1 year (3 more months exactly), so the first time we met was on March 2013.  
Because of this chatting, I realize that no matter how bad our feeling was, there will be one little happiness that always come spontaneously.
Then, you end up with a smile :)

Ada rasa senang, excitement melihat orang-orang di lingkungan gue berkembang ke arah yg lebih baik dan walaupun bukan gue yang mengalaminya, tapi ini bener-bener membuat gue bersyukur pake banget karena bahwasannya gue tahu itu terjadi. Well I’m not really good at expressing some feelings, but all I got to say is, I’m happy! No! Super happy for all the good things that my dearest people had.

Dimulai dari:

  • Keluarga yang selalu sehat dan beberapa masalah bisa diselesaikan bertahap. Alhamdulillah!

  • Fadheel yang akhirnya berhasil menembus angka lebih dari 450 untuk toeflnya, congrats Dear! Sekarang tinggal nunggu sidang, all best wishes for you :D

  • Aini yang alhamdulillah kuliahnya lancar disana, sama sekali g ngerengek minta ini minta itu dan Fadli yang masih aja hidupnya stagnan. What?!

  •       Lare yang masih berjuang dengan gaya hidupnya yang sehat, gela gelaaa, gue tahu ini susah pake banget so I’m so proud of you girl! 

  •       Ade yang skill gambar nya juga makin endes, thanks De for sharing your sketch to us!

  •       Resolusi 2 tahun gue yang lagi optimis2 nya gue godok.

  •       Agista my life partner yang akhirnya EVERYTHING IS PAID OFF! You know what I mean! Jangan galak-galak sama Erlan! Hahaha..

  •       Herlana yang gue sangat sangat ingin ucapkan terima kasih banyak atas apapun yang telah membuat Agista tersenyum dan bahagia baru-baru ini. I owe you Lan! Semoga rencana positif yang kalian buat akan terlaksana dengan lancar. Amin y rabb!

  •       Arisan Season 1 yang akhirnya selesai! 'vitamin' silaturrahmi setiap bulan bener-bener harus didapetin lagi, let's make it on Arisan season 2! Hahaha..

  •       For every people Allah sent me so far, and everything that in charge of my happiness, I would say BIG THANK YOU! Nothing will ever be the same without you.

2014 I'm coming!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Going On? Street Children in Mongolia

I'd like to share one of great documentary movie called What's Going On? Street Children in Mongolia.

Actually this is my second time watching it and I decided to share it with you guys.
Because the DVD is belong to my school so I tried to look for the online version but unfortunately the online version just provide us the Introduction :(
but if you'd like to take your 3 minutes to buffer the video, that would be great!
I hope it will give you some portraits of what street children in Mongolia looks like.

This link is Clip 1, you can click the clip 2 afterwards.

This video I dedicated to every people who keep whining for their life, those people who never feel enough for everything they've got, and those people that sometimes forgot just to say thank you for good or bad things! If you think your life is so bad, please see this video and tell me again how hard your life is.

Thank you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mbae!


What a life! I feel so productive! LOL

Whatever, so tanpa banyak cingcong, gue dan sahabat gue si @bantalagis membuat sebuah video spesial buat @nimatunasim yang nun jauh disana, tepatnya di Taiwan, yang sedang menikmati pengalaman barunya belajar bahasa Cina lagi, beda negara yess tapi. Aaaaaa Ima mau jugaaak!

Please please please enjoy the video! Need some feedback and comment! Yohooo!

Happy Birthday Mbae!