Thursday, January 11, 2018


I am completely certain that he won’t read this post. So, let’s talk about him!

His name is Lachlan, Lachie is the nickname, my boyfriend. If you’re wondering, keep it to yourself! :) Well, it’s a long story but I still believe that Allah made our path crossed in purpose. 

No one is perfect, my boyfriend is not a perfect man neither. As much as his characters challenge me all the time, there are also many good characters of him that I adore. So much. 

I never write a special post like this. Never, deliberately share a post about someone I love. This post is meant to be written to celebrate everything! I still believe that Allah deliberately send something or someone to us in order we can learn new lessons or just to have a feeling that actually, no matter how often you abandon Allah, He will always there to show us mercy (Rahmah) by giving all things served on a plate of gratefulness . At the end, if you’re lucky, Allah will makes you feel that you’re the nastiest, procrastinate and the most just-go-to-hell person alive. Surprisingly, I instead, translate it as a sign from Him saying “Don’t forget me as I never forget about you! I will always care so come back to me!” How Merciful He is by taking His time to keep reminding me about it! :(

So many of his characters that I adore,

He once said, “… yes, cos I’m older and wiser .” I actually, long time ago, have been realized that he is that type of man. Many times, to him, I act like I’m still 22, weird, too much fun, not lady like, and so on, but still many times too, he’s the one, the current winner, who will always be there to calm me down with his magical ways. He’s always there to cheer me up after he notice that I’m not in a good mood, as quick as you respond to your alarm if it goes off in the middle of a night. He, somehow, I don’t know if he notice it, makes me proud but also insecure at the same time. Proud that he keep passionately lifting my mood while I still keep making annoying face or acting like I don’t care. However, at the same time, I keep telling myself that if I keep being childish and too sensitive, I know he might feel upset, tired and at the end, will leave me eventually simply because he gets bored of the way I treat him, how continuously I am treating him like this. 

He consistently tries to surprise me with his amazing dozens of little things. Small things like, “Kamu mau ice cream?”, “Kamu mau ini?”, “Kamu mau itu?”. He will always check me if I’m okay. “Kamu mau makan apa?” is probably the most frequent question he has ever asked in person. He’s type of person who will, sometimes, surprise you by giving you your favourite rainbow paddle pop, or handing you a cup of Tuku coffee out from the fridge or even making a video about our trips. He’s the one who will always say these first, “I can cook chicken roast if you want. Do you want it with mashed roast potato?” or “Do you want to have steak as a dinner?”. As much as I recall these moments, I also remember about one of the Qur’an verses, “Which of your Lord’s favours would you deny?” 

He keep things private. He will always keep our memories just for us. He takes a lot of pics though, but he just doesn’t want to share it with the world. I still don’t know what his ultimate reason is for hardly post or share something about us, but somehow I’m grateful for it. If he’s a Muslim, I know he’s going to be a good one, a good husband as he just keep things private for us, or for our inner circles, not sharing it ALL THE TIME with the world how happy we are.

He cares about my families. Although I ask a lot more than he asking me if my family is doing okay, but he doesn’t forget about them, especially if we’re doing a trip. He sometimes spend his time to share photos to my Mom or Dad just to give them highlights about our journey. At the end of our trip, he will also have something to be given to my family.

As much as he’s being a wisest man of mine, he is also can be a cute-last child-guy to me. As a first child, for sure, I know how to accommodate him. This is also a thing that I can’t thank enough for—the first child finally is paired up with the last child.

He’s not verbally or physically romantic, but I know he always tries his best to treat me the way I should be treated, as a woman. He’s not a doctor, but he’s resourceful enough to solve all of my physical problems. He’s not Ed Sheeran, but he always send me songs that represent his feeling towards me at that time. He’s not politician, but in some issues, he knows Indonesia better than me. He’s not egocentric as well. He will always prfioritize me before him. He will always feed me his half of food just because he sees my jealous face if I claim that his food is better than mine. He couple of times got yoghurt double the amount of he usually buy just because he knew that it might help me restore my health.

I will add up all his characters that I love as times goes by.

So that's it for today, see you in the next post!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 100 - My Make Up

Do you know that 'hate' is a strong word? and yes, I really hate make up!

The make up that has ridiculous thick layers that make my skin can't breathe normally as it does. I once went to saloon and I was in big disappointment because at the end, it really didn't look like me at all hahaha~

I am turning 26 this year and still, I don't have my own compact powder! HAHAHA. I have my day cream tho (pembelaan). Even though I hate make up but I like to apply mascara, eye liner and little bit creamy blush on too when I am in my period. Those weapons make my skin look fresher and I love it!

Back to the point, this insecurity urged me to have my own make up tools and let myself BE the only one who apply it onto my face. First big battle was on last friday, on my best friend's wedding, Vani.

I've done my research and voila! 

I felt proud enough to my self. Aku bisa dandan walaupun ga jago jago amat! Hiks,

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 97


Too lazy to write a blog. Here is my notes for one week.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 87 - Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti

One of the highlights ketika gue pergi ke Semarang adalah Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti. Yang ngebuat ini spesial adalah karena once again, kami first timer dan yes, naik angkot!

Sebenarnya kalau diurut-urut lagi ga terlalu susah sih. Terlebih karena kita banyak nanya dan punya peta yang kita dapat dari website ini, thank you bgt Keong

  • Makanannya so so, view nya incredibly amazing.
  • Kesini enaknya pas weekdays. Waktu itu gue pas banget lunch time jadi sepi banget, makanya poto nya agak banyak :)
  • Pondok Kopi ini ada dua lantai, jadi kalau mau sensasi beda, bisa juga ke atas.
  • Jangan lupa untuk ke backyard nya! Bagus banget!

Akhirnya sampai juga!

Sok candid padahal mah kagak!

Villa yang disewakan di Pondok Kopi. List harganya ada di dekat kasir :)

Aini pesan ini.

Gue pesen ini.

Salah banget mukanya.

Pemandangan bawah dari pondok kopi.

Jalan depan pondok kopi. Bagus ya!

Tempat duduk nya agak banyak jadi g perlu khawatir g dpt tempat duduk.

Tempat duduk samping pondok kopi. Kalau mau tanning kulit disini tempat nya.

Another Villa's shot. 

Jalan kecil dari villa ke pondok kopi.

"Just the two of us!"

I love flowers!

This place is so calming.


Di backyard pondok kopi ada pemandangan ini. Totally worth it naik angkot dan ojek :)

Another backyard shot.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 85 - BRT Bandara - Tembalang

Finally I had a chance to go to Semarang to visit my sister. She is studying at University of Diponegoro, taking public health as her major. We're not gonna talk about her now, sorry :)

I like taking chance to explore and discover new place ALONE! Literally alone, by my self. The excitement of being confused and lean on Google or local people might be the ultimate feelings I always search for. Seru!

This time was my chance to explore BRT. The twin of TransJakarta busway.

For the next sentences, I'll write in Bahasa since it is more likely understandable for Indonesian.

Untuk bisa ke halte BRT terdekat dari bandara, kita harus berjalan ke luar bandara, tepatnya dari pintu Kedatangan, langsung jalan kaki ke kiri jalan untuk keluar dari gapura bandara Ahmad Yani. Gak lama dari situ, kita akan menemukan rel kereta dan sekitar 50 meter ke depan, halte BRT sudah terlihat.

Kalau agak lama nunggu sabar aja ya, kayaknya memang armada bus tidak terlalu banyak yang ke bandara. This was  really my first time, I was curious back then till I really wanted to wait for it.

Jangan bingung kalau halte nya benar-benar seperti halte bus di Jakarta, bukan halte busway ya, Disana kita ga bisa langsung beli tiket karena ketika masuk busway, nanti ada petugas yang bawa alat semacam EDC untuk kita membeli tiket. Harga tiket BRT 3,500. Nah ini jalurnya kalau mau ke Tembalang.

Ingat! Kita harus senantiasa bertanya arah BRT bakal lewatin Tembalang apa enggak, soalnya untuk first timer kayak gue, asli gue bingung sebenarnya ada berapa warna untuk armada BRT itu sendiri hahaha.

1. Dari Bandara, transit di halte SMA 5 Pemuda (biasanya petugas suka nyebut halte ini sebagai halte Pemuda.
2. Dari halte SMA 5 Pemuda, pindah bus yang ke arah Balaikota (ketika bus BRT datang, petugas selalu meneriakkan halte halte yang akan dilewati oleh bus tersebut), jadi pasang kuping aja.
3. Dari Balaikota transit lagi dan pindah bus yang ke arah Tembalang.

1. Setiap kali transit, jangan lupa untuk menyerahkan tiket ke petugas. Biasanya mereka akan menandakan tiket tersebut dengan cara melobangi tiket. Gue rasa ini dilakukan sebagai bukti kalau kita sudah beli tiket dan hanya transit.
2. Petugas BRT selalu siaga buat ngasih tahu kita sudah ada di halte mana. Jadi pasang kuping baik baik ya!:)
3. Dari bandara ke tembalang, waktu yang dibutuhkan kurang lebih satu jam.
4. Kalau masi belum ngerti atau ga yakin, tanya aja! Malu bertanya beneran sesat di jalan loh!

Semoga membantu! :)

Day 86 - Early Dinner at, Semarang

I went here today and had a very short early dinner with my sister.
Every corner of this restaurant is very instagram-able. The concept is really hype. They take black as their own color and believe it or not, it works!

I ordered lemon tea and beef bacon carbonara. My sister had ice green tea latte only.
Lemon tea was so so (I've tasted a better one)
Beef bacon carbonara was the champion! I loved it very much! Although the pasta was not really that cooked (by cooked I mean al dente) and the beff bacon was slightly overcooked but surely it was one of the best carbonara I've tasted so far! If I have my second chance to go to Semarang again, I promise I will be back and rewind the sensation!

Go check their instagram for more cool photos! The link is above!

I really had a short time for my early dinner, so I didn't have so much time to take pictures. My camera also went off due to low battery. It was awful! Since I only had one F and one B menu, I couldn't rate this restaurant. However, it is always worth to come back again!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 82 -

Let's start the day with a good and free hot chocolate :))

Day 82?! 
Where have you been? 
Oh Dear, please blame something called laziness!

Although it's been a long time since the last post, but I always keep things happened in my life on the track. These are what I have stored in my long term memory!

1. What I like the most of having Grab Car or Uber drive me anywhere is the talk. We always have something to share ya anaknya good listener banget ka eym. I still can recall my discussion with one of Grab Car drivers about how restaurant in Jakarta can survive in this ruthless competition. The driver used to work on one of popular five star restaurants in Jakarta so more or less, he knew the unspoken rules well. He said that the restaurant should use offerings if the Boss wants it to survive. By survive I mean it has a lot of customer to come. Apparently, each restaurant also can 'attack' other restaurant only by using the offerings. If the restaurant does this, it is certain that it uses black magic. WOW! dan itu jahat!

On that day, I knew that I was really innocent. I totally didn't know that this way was one of the ultimate way to survive in Jakarta or even in another cities as you own a restaurant. How cruel the world is!

2. My other best friend, Dhea came to downtown. It's always good to see her and listen to her story. Yeah, this time was really special. Her 6 years relationship with someone I knew was done! selesai!
There were no cheerless but optimistic vibe on this girl. She was so happy that finally she could find someone she was really comfortable with. She has known this guy since 4 months ago! I was crying once she declared that she wants to get married this October. I was so happy for her. SO HAPPY! I even could feel that this guy will take care of my friend so good even though I've never met him before. I've learned that a true love can come unexpectedly, it's moving beyond your will. Kun fayakun.

"I'll pray for you too! I hope you can find yours!" was her last sentence for me. Sweet! Amin!

3. It was so hard to see your loved ones sick. My grandmother from my father side and grandfather from my mom side were sick. I'm kind of person who will suffer in silence rather than have to show my compassion to them. This is because I know once I say something, I will cry. I don't want them to see me cry :(

4. Sunday was my second time as bridesmaid and I'll have my third one on April. Yeah! Terus gue kapan? hahaha. Congratulations to Lala and ka Miki! Very happy for them as I know exactly how struggle they were back then. Mau diapain kalau emang jodoh ya beneran gak kemana :)

Lala's bridal shower.

5. I'll go back to Singapore with my sister this time on March next year! Need to save more money!

6. My boss is very kind. I'm so grateful that I have him as my supervisor! Surely one of the best things that happened in my career life. Unfortunately, next year he won't be with meh anymore!! :(

7. When I overthink about this, it will piss me off. I still don't get why men choose career over marriage when they are descent enough to marry a woman. However, I want to give a tap on men's shoulder I knew whom decide to not suspend their marriage (when they notice that they are able to marry someone they love), especially when they are in their 25-27s. You guys are awesome! 

Maybe I am too subjective on this problem but hey, Allah SWT mentions:

“Get the unmarried ones among you married, as well as the righteous slave men and slave women. If they are poor, Allah will make them independent by his grace”
(Surah Nur, verse: 32)
Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah (radiyallahu ‘anhu) reports that Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:
“There are three types of people whom it is a right upon Allah to help and assist, The Mujahid in the path of Allah, The Mukatab [a slave paying for his freedom] who intends to pay and the one who makes nikah intending chastity”
(Sunan Tirmidhi, Hadith: 1655, Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith: 2518 – Declared sound (hasan) by Imam Tirmidhi and authentic (sahih) by Imam Ibn Hibban; Al Ihsan, Hadith: 4030)