Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 100 - My Make Up

Do you know that 'hate' is a strong word? and yes, I really hate make up!

The make up that has ridiculous thick layers that make my skin can't breathe normally as it does. I once went to saloon and I was in big disappointment because at the end, it really didn't look like me at all hahaha~

I am turning 26 this year and still, I don't have my own compact powder! HAHAHA. I have my day cream tho (pembelaan). Even though I hate make up but I like to apply mascara, eye liner and little bit creamy blush on too when I am in my period. Those weapons make my skin look fresher and I love it!

Back to the point, this insecurity urged me to have my own make up tools and let myself BE the only one who apply it onto my face. First big battle was on last friday, on my best friend's wedding, Vani.

I've done my research and voila! 

I felt proud enough to my self. Aku bisa dandan walaupun ga jago jago amat! Hiks,

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