Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 86 - Early Dinner at, Semarang

I went here today and had a very short early dinner with my sister.
Every corner of this restaurant is very instagram-able. The concept is really hype. They take black as their own color and believe it or not, it works!

I ordered lemon tea and beef bacon carbonara. My sister had ice green tea latte only.
Lemon tea was so so (I've tasted a better one)
Beef bacon carbonara was the champion! I loved it very much! Although the pasta was not really that cooked (by cooked I mean al dente) and the beff bacon was slightly overcooked but surely it was one of the best carbonara I've tasted so far! If I have my second chance to go to Semarang again, I promise I will be back and rewind the sensation!

Go check their instagram for more cool photos! The link is above!

I really had a short time for my early dinner, so I didn't have so much time to take pictures. My camera also went off due to low battery. It was awful! Since I only had one F and one B menu, I couldn't rate this restaurant. However, it is always worth to come back again!

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